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STEM Education

What students learn today connects them with demanding future careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Teachers are given the task of training students to become deep thinking problem solvers who will become tomorrow’s innovators. Planning and teaching STEM objectives in grades K-5 is a difficult task. Allow STEM Adventures to assist with your STEM Education through:

STEM Experiences:

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Professional Development 

Let’s get teachers and students excited about STEM with cross curricular incorporation of STEM in reading, writing and other subjects.

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Classroom Visit

Have an exciting time with the author through in class reading or hands on activity. This visit is for 1 – 2 classes at a time students can enjoy STEM adventures with the author.

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Family Events

Make STEM a family thing! Attend or host an author event in your school library, book store or science center. Events can incorporate book sales and book signing

 Learning links

Science Kids

Classroom resource

 Science projects


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