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As you seek adventures to have in your new area here are some tips to use. Join the STEM Travel for more information.

  • Take your time

  • Prepare your kids for the trip

  • Pack smart

  • Give kids a camera

  • Remember medicine

  • Encourage kids to keep a travel journal

  • Let the kids play

  • Look for interesting sites when traveling with kids

 Join Here: 

Like military families many jobs relocate or families travel. Relocation creates a new and exciting time for parents and kids. Adventures can be found in your neighborhood, city, or state. Joining the STEM travel club is free and as a member of the STEM travel club you can receive the following:

  • A quarterly news letter of interesting places to visit many of these activities are free or low cost to the family.

  • An opportunity to share your adventures with other members click here to review of a copy of the STEM travel Journal.

  • Family STEM tour event information with Dr. Mary

 STEM Travel Tips 

 STEM Travel Tips 



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