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Military children can relocate as many as ten times during their parent’s career, giving them many opportunities to learn about STEM in many different cities, states, or countries. Therefore military parents must be on the front line for exposing their children to STEM connected activities and events.

Research shows that early STEM education is important in building a strong foundation that supports all areas of learning. As part of early childhood education STEM must be as important as teaching colors, numbers, and the alphabet. But there are very few books that focus on early STEM education or STEM literacy by making the connection between STEM education and travel.

STEM Adventures supports families with STEM learning at home and in the classroom by:

  • Creating STEM awareness by providing real life STEM opportunities

  • Empowering Parents to be more active in STEM literacy

  • Stimulating STEM curiosity through reading

  • Supporting teachers in early STEM education

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